Egg Coddler Pink

Item Code - 990112G+1568
  • This Pink Egg Coddler is a clean and simple way of poaching your eggs!
  • Each egg coddler comes with a leaflet of serving suggestions instructing how to use your coddler and a few ideas of what to add, like spinach, feta and sun dried tomatoes or asparagus and parma ham!
  • Eggs have become an amazingly popular food as they are an inexpensive way of eating your protein. The egg coddler offers a fabulously simple alternative to spice your eggs!
  • Gift boxed
  • Designed in the UK


Weight 225 g

65 × 65 × 105 mm


15 cl







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BIA’s reinvention of the egg coddler with modern designs was first brought in at the very end of 2015, and was an instant hit!
A clean and simple way of poaching eggs, the coddlers are easy to use. Simply add oil or butter to the inside, crack in an egg or two, add any ingredients you wish, gently screw the lid back on, and add to boiling water for around ten minutes. Once ready, you can eat it straight from the coddler.
Eggs have always been a popular breakfast, but poaching eggs can be a messy business! The ease of using the egg coddler, coupled with the ability to add ham and cheese, smoked salmon and cracked pepper, or whatever else you like, makes the coddler a fantastic item!
All eleven designs come gift boxed with serving suggestions, and, with the exception of the Set of 2 Chasing Chickens Coddlers, all come in a counter display unit in packs of six.