Fizz Jug Blue

Fizz Jug Blue

Item Code - ASD10256
  • Splash of colour & fantastic bubble effect at the base of the jug makes every piece unique
  • Modern and rounded shaped. With the strong and sturdy handle, holding and pouring is made particularly easy!
  • Mouth blown and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen
  • Comes gift boxed
  • Designed by Anton Studio Designs


Weight 1186 g

190 × 120 × 230 mm


190 cl







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Stunning Fizz Blue Jug full of bubbles!! Looks fantastic for any occasion, and a great way to compliment any drink! Comes in a great gift box too so a fantastic gift!
Made of coloured glass rather than sprayed so the colour will never fade!

First Launched in 2013, Fizz was an instant hit… and has only risen in popularity over the last few years. Its unique look is thanks to the jewel colours used, the innovative use of bubbles within the glass and making the colours radiate through – especially when filled with liquid. The popularity of this range is further aided by its contemporary shape, and with the flutes, wines, gins and martinis all having elegant long stems.

In 2016 we have introduced three new items: two generously sized jugs, in blue and purple, and a fantastic set of four shot glasses. In addition to these, for 2017 we have further grown the range to include a set of four fantastic gin glasses. Most recently in 2018 we have added also a set of four gorgeous champagne saucers.