Set of 2 Mini Square Decanters

Item Code - DO90MSDST2
  • Modern square shaped body
  • Thick, sturdy base and straight sides
  • Flat topped glass stopper
  • Handwash recommended

55 × 55 × 145 mm


15 cl







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Modern Mini Decanters with Stopper.

This set of 2 mini square decanters is styled with a sturdy square shaped body and flared lip that make for an easy pouring whilst not sacrificing on decorative flair; The flat topped glass stopper of the decanter is light enough to easily be removed from the top of the glass bottle whilst tapering at the bottom to fit tightly in the entrance to keep air out; If using this decanter for wine there is a purpose: the decanter allows the wine to breathe which will enhance the aromas and loosen the tannins to enhance notes of floral and fruit in the wine; If using this decanter for whiskey, or scotch for example, there is no need for oxidising, however if you want to dress up the alcohol cabinet and look awesomely suave when pouring drinks for guests then using this decanter for whiskey is sure to enhance the gentle aesthetics around the room; If you want to go for the look of sophistication then put hard liquor in this glass decanter and let its design do the talking for you;